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Michael Anderson
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  3. film meme: ten films [1/10] Pacific Rim
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  5. Lost re-watch | 5x6 | 316

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    Fashion! Put It All on Me ➝   Krikor Jabotian Couture s/s 2014

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  10. Lost re-watch | 5x5 | This Place is Death

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  12. tiananmen square is huuuge and the forbidden city very interesting (btw disney did a nice job in mulan because it looks just like it)
    then we were in the old town of beijing (hutongs I think?) and I was so uncomfortable like it was so clear that we didn’t belong there and that the people living there also didn’t really want us to be there (they were friendly though) and the rest of the group behaved so tourist-y including taking pictures of people ugh I constantly wanted to apologise for them
    after that we visited the olympic green and saw the bird’s nest, so second olympic stadium I’ve seen

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  14. smh @ racist and ignorant people tho
    oh so you’re surprised by how pretty “some chinese girls” are, and not only their clothes, no, their faces too? almost as if you have a white ideal of beauty am I right
    oh so you want to buy a traditional chinese outfit even though you have literally zero connection to the culture and have no idea what it means? that’s not appropriating at all
    oh so you take a picture of those soldiers even though it’s forbidden just as the guide specifically told you? not impolite and ignorant nooo

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Nærøyfjorden, Norway. (by Bhalalhaika)


    Nærøyfjorden, Norway. (by Bhalalhaika)

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  17. Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Giambattista Valli f/w 2014-15 [I/II]

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