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    ★ star wars meme | 5/7 planets:

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autumn is here


    autumn is here

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  5. Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Zuhair Murad s/s 2013 [I/III]

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  7. Criminal tendencies


    Most to least likely to commit a crime and what kind of crime, according to the FBI website fbi.gov

    1. Cancer. They have the majority of serial killers among all the zodiac signs. They kill multiple times and make sure each crime is unique. 
    2. Taurus. They’re usually involved in money laundering, doing most of their crimes in solitude. 
    3. Sagittarius. They are con artists, robbers and thieves. They don’t usually hurt their victims. 
    4. Aries. Usually armed and hired to do their crimes.
    5. Capricorn. All-around criminals, usually involved in organized crime.
    6. Virgo. Usually armed burglars. and hackers. 
    7. Libra. Usually armed and very dangerous. Also, corrupts. 
    8. Pisces. Drug-related crimes, often very dangerous.
    9. Scorpio. Very dangerous and have hot tempers. Contract killers.
    10. Leo. Very dangerous, but don’t get into petty crime. 
    11. Aquarius. Revenges: hackers and hustlers.
    12. Gemini. Con artists and thieves, fraud crimes.
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    ★ star wars meme | 7/9 quotes:

    "I love you.
    - I know.”
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    Seeed // Ding

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